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The main types of training for sales staff

Generally, salesmanship is a profession that can be learned through habits and work experience. However, there are various training courses that can offer the qualities required to be a salesperson. They cover all the techniques related to sales training and…

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Filtering announcements from your tender watch

Carrying out a tailor-made tender watch allows you to discover all the advertisements relating to your sector of activity without receiving polluting advertisements. It is thanks to this balance that you can benefit from the most relevant calls for tender…

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Know the best techniques for commercial prospecting

Whether you are a senior salesperson or a beginner, it is always important to discover the best new techniques of prospecting. The conventional business prospecting is an unpleasant exercise. Discover the newest business prospecting techniques to get new customers. Listening…

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How to make a good customer reminder ?

In principle, the main objective of business enterprises is to maximise profits and turnover each year. Collecting cash on time and on the due date is therefore one of the major challenges for any business wanting to be financially stable….

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Orange Business Services rethinks its customer relationship management

Strengthening its customer relations by providing greater simplicity and responsiveness : this was the priority of the operator and integrator of communication services. This has now been achieved with the completely overhauled “new customer area”, which allows IT managers, VSE…

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