Strengthening its customer relations by providing greater simplicity and responsiveness : this was the priority of the operator and integrator of communication services. This has now been achieved with the completely overhauled "new customer area", which allows IT managers, VSE directors, management controllers or even assistants to access all the services (Mobility, Internet, telephony, etc.) provided by the company. This also is happening using a single identifier and password. Thanks to the administration tools accessible from the Orange Business Services platform, the user can activate the desired services, create a mailbox for a new employee, place an order, consult invoices, monitor network performance, etc., all in real time.

Improved customer relationship management

In order to meet the expectations of its business customers, Orange Business Services continuously measures the development of its figures and customer satisfaction through 20,000 surveys per year. Thus, three major needs in terms of customer relations emerge. The first is about the follow-up and proximity. "Companies want to have a privileged contact with a sales representative, benefit from an after-sales service and a reporting tool to better understand usage and consumption. That's why we have 1,500 sales representatives who listen to our customers," explains Denis Simsek, Sales Director at Orange Business Services.

The second need is to benefit from ad hoc expertise. The significant interconnection between the world of information and telecommunications, and the convergence between the fixed and mobile worlds mean that companies need advice on new technologies. "It is a question of getting into the company's business logic and demonstrating the benefits that these new technologies can bring", Denis Simsek emphasises. "We have deployed specific assistance for both complex and new fields".

Finally, "45% of French companies want to be able to activate online services. They want to benefit from an online relationship channel for their simple operations," says the Sales Director. The advantage ? On the one hand, companies no longer have to wait on the phone for these operations. On the other hand, Oranges Business Services gains in bandwidth and thus promotes its telephone advice.

The customer space currently has more than 300,000 active accounts, i.e. more than two accounts per company, and performs 300,000 transactions per month. Free and available for SMEs, the new space should be available for large accounts and multinationals in the first half of 2008.