Sales software: how to use it well to develop your business

Sales software is a great tool to develop your business. It can help you track your sales, manage your customer relationships, and close more sales. However, it’s important to use sales software effectively to get the most out of it….

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How to improve sales forecasting ?

Sales forecasts are generally important in the preparation of the upcoming fiscal year and also in the management of current year sales targets. Moreover, they are based on qualitative and quantitative data and are only problematic when the sales team…

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What is the difference between customer marketing and product marketing ?

Smart brands need to understand how essential customer marketing is in competing in the engagement economy. That’s why companies looking to create ‘brand evangelists’ need to rethink their marketing approach if they are to truly engage their customers. In this…

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Business development: the benefits of business hunting

Competition between companies is always very tough. If your company does not grow or if it remains in the status quo, competitors will overtake it. It will then be very difficult for that company to regain a respectable place in…

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Why should your company have a professional switchboard ?

Offering the best services guarantees the growth and competitiveness of a company. One of the most important of these services is the permanent phone number. A professional switchboard is essential to maintain sustained communication with the workplace. Thanks to its…

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Sales training : the best tips for success

Business training is a learning and development process that refers to the acquisition of specific skills, abilities and knowledge to improve employee performance. For many companies, corporate training programmes are an important part of their strategy. It is now widely…

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