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Good communication is the backbone of a company because it preserves the links between partners, customers and the staff. It plays an integral role in increasing productivity and success. Nowadays, different providers offer a variety of telephony solutions for any structure : start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, associations or even large companies. To keep everyone connected and to maintain exchanges within the company whatever the activity, the implementation of online communication tools becomes essential. Read on for more details on the telephony solution for businesses.

Having a virtual switchboard for a company

The quality and permanence of telephone reception play a role in customer satisfaction. Whether selling a product or a service, the presence of a virtual switchboard reassures buyers. It is a real commercial asset through which a company's commitment to its business is measured. Many specialised companies take care of customer relations and offer a simple turnkey telephony solution. Visit this link to get an idea of idelio's business telephony services, an expert operator in this field.

Some managers leave the role of telephone reception to their entire team. However, they can be disrupted in their main activities by regularly attending to the telephone. In addition, they will not be able to stay there all day. Today, it is impossible to do without an online business telephony solution. Investing in a telephony solution guarantees good organisation. You should know that this task is a job in its own right, because you have to be able to listen, understand, respond and act in case of a problem, which is why a customer relations operator is so important.

Choosing a business telephony

The evolution of telephony will not stop any time soon and the virtual switchboard is on a meteoric rise. Good, practical and efficient tools are available to companies to communicate easily. However, it is most important to select the telephony solution that is best suited to the business itself. The first criteria for choosing the right business telephony solution is the quality of the calls. Most operators accept a usage test for companies in order to analyse the quality of communication. In this test, the sound check is the most important. After that, you need to identify the operator's services if they are suitable for your needs. Some only offer local calls, while others are open to international exchanges. There are also telephone solutions that allow all employees of a company to talk through an integrated tool. The decision is based on the requirements and expectations of your company to make the right choice.

Using a company phone

How does it work ? The company installs an application or connects directly through the same browser. This allows the company to call its customers to solve their problems as quickly as possible. The intervention of virtual switchboards makes it possible to manage this communication remotely. To simplify use, these telephone solutions have countless features : statistics on minutes spent on the telephone, call transfer, timetable, greeting message and customisable waiting line, and many others. This system is an absolute time-saver.

This communication system was already present in large companies for a long time. This method of number virtualisation is also suitable for startups, as the offerings are varied. Although traditional telephony may suffice at first, the use of virtual telephony can be a game changer in the long run. Since it is virtualisation, you will no longer need to add hardware. This makes it a flexible solution for getting a business off to a good start.

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